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Exambd is a dynamic online web exam taking application in Bangladesh. The main idea of the exambd is to share knowledge of all kind of people by making various types of question. It is a site for all people to share knowledge. This helps students to assess their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects.

Exambd consists of two parts. One part is for the examinee where they can take exam on different subject. An examinee will be able to see the result after exam with the right and wrong answer. Second part is for the examineer where an examineer can make model test exam on different subject. Thus an examinee will be able to share his knowledge.

The main objective behind creating the exambd is to create a community among teachers,students, educationalists, guardians, job seeker, all professional people like Doctors, Engineers, BCS Caders, Non Caders,IT Specialists etc.