SSC Result 2020 With Full SSC Marksheet Bangladesh All Educational Board Results

SSC result 2020 with full SSC mark sheet you can check online from a web-based result publication system for all education boards of Bangladesh. Dhakhil and Vocational results will also be published on education board results. The authority will publish SSC/Dhakhil/Vocational result on their official website called This is the best website where you can check the SSC result of 2020. Also, you can check all year SSC result through this website. If you are looking for how to download the SSC result 2020 mark sheet then also you can do it from this website. The process is very simple and easy to get the SSC result of 2020 from the official website. Who attended the SSC exams this year they can get results quickly from this website when it will be published. 

The full meaning of SSC is the Secondary School Certificate. The exam will be held on 2nd February 2020 and the exam will end on 25th February 2020. The publish date of the Secondary School Certificate examination is very important for a candidate who is going to sit SSC examination or Dhakhil and vocational exams.

There are two categories to see the SSC result of 2020 that are individual and institutional. You can get the result as an individual and also the whole institution. If you are an examiner then you can see your own result by SSC roll and registration number. If you want to know a particular institution’s results then you have to know the institutional EIIN code. On this website, we will guide you how to see both results.

About SSC Exam 2020 of Bangladesh

Secondary School Certificate exam is very difficult for the students at this level. That’s why all students are very excited about this examination and the result of SSC/Dhakhil and Vocational. This is a board exam so they are highly worried about the examination and want to know the result publishing day and time. They actually dont know how to see the results. So that’s why we are looking to make this work easy and comfortable for the students of SSC/ Dhakhil and Vocational. On this website, you can see the result publishing date and time easily. 

After reading this article anyone can check the mark sheet of SSC and Dakhil examination. Also, they can do other works as well. They can download their mark sheet and print the mark sheet as well. Last year the result was published on 6th May 2019. Also, we are expecting this year the result will be published on the same day. After publishing the result we will update you on this website. 

SSC Result 2020 Updates

The result of the secondary school certificate exam is published on 6th May 2020. Dr. Dipu Moni, the ministry of Education Board Bangladesh has officially announced the result publishing date. On 6th May 2020, the SSC/ Dhakhil/ Madrasha board result has published at 10.00 am. The prime minister Sheikh Hasina published the result and also they added the Total passing rate, Total GPA 5.00 and the board wise results also. 

The detailed result will be published at 1.00 pm for the students who attended the exams. After 1.00 pm every individual can see their own results on the official website of education board gov bd. We will also update you on the results when the results are online. 

Requirements to Check SSC Result 2020 Online

To see your own result you need these things. Then you can check your own results online. Without smartphone, you can check your results by SMS.

  1. SSC roll number and Registration number
  2. Smartphone or Windows
  3. Internet connection or Megabytes
  4. A web browser to check results. Example- Google Chrome, Opera Mini or UC Browser.

Requirements to Check SSC Result 2020 by SMS

If you dont have a smartphone or computer then you can also check your SSC result 2020 by SMS. This is also an easy process to check your results.

  1. A mobile phone with Sim
  2. Need enough balance to send a message

How to Check SSC Result 2020 with Full Mark Sheet Online

The easiest way to check your results from home is online. You can easily check the full mark sheet of SSC through the internet. Check your SSC result 2020 online. You just need a smartphone to check your SSC result 2020 with a full mark sheet. The authority of the educational board of Bangladesh will publish the SSC result of 2020 online as soon as possible. You can check the result in many ways online. 

Just follow a method to check the result online. The most relevant way to check the result is to go to the official website of the education board results. First of all, you need to select the examination for SSC/Dakhil or SSC (Vocational). Select one of them. if you are a normal SSC candidate then select SSC/Dakhil. If you are a student of vocational then select SSC(Vocational). Then select your exam year and board. Then put the roll and registration number. Lastly, you have to solve the calculation of simple math. Now Click on the submit button. After clicking check again you can check another result. This is a free way to check your SSC result 2020 online. You can also check the board wise or institution wise result on this official website.

SSC Result 2020 Official Website-

The official website of the educational board Bangladesh publishes the result after 1.00 pm on the result publishing date. This website will publish the result on time every year. You need to follow these steps to view the mark sheet of SSC result 2020. Step number -1 

  1. First, go to the official website
  2. Select the Exam name SSC
  3. Select the particular year 2020
  4. Put the roll number
  5. Put the registration number
  6. Solve the math
  7. Submit and you will get the mark sheet

This is step number two Step number-2 

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select Examination SSC
  3. Choose the Year 2020
  4. Choose your board
  5. Now result type should be individual
  6. The fill the roll and registration number
  7. Lastly, solve the Security Key
  8. Submit to view the result

These are the steps to check your ssc result 2020 online. Now we are going to see how you can check result by SMS

How to Check SSC Result 2020 by SMS

There are a lot of people who dont have the Internet on their mobile phone. So how they can see SSC result 2020? They can also see SSC result 2020 by SMS. But in this process, you need enough balance for sending a message. The message will cost 2.44 TK to send. After sending the following message you can see the SSC result 2020 by SMS. 

SSC <space> Board <space> Roll Number <space> 2020

For example – Your SSC board is Dhaka and Roll number is 1825658 the Year 2020. Now type your message like below. You need to put the first three letters of the particular educational board. 

SSC DHA 1825658 2020


Now send this message to 16222 in this number and that’s it. You will get the SSC result in time by SMS. No need to worry! 

First Three Letters Of All Educational Boards For SMS

For the SMS result process, you need to know the first three letters of the educational board that’s why we are sharing this table of the first three letters of all educational boards. This will help you to get the result by SMS.

Board Full Name First Three Words
Dhaka Board DHA
Sylhet Board SYL
Chittagong Board CHI
Comilla Board COM
Jessore Board JES
Barisal Board BAR
Dinajpur Board DIN
Rajshahi Board RAJ
Madrasah Board MAD
Technical Board TEC

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